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About Bound for Success, Inc.

Virginia Salazar, President

Virginia recently retired from Sandia National Labs.  She is actively raising her grandchildren and enjoying the rewards of doing what she loves.  She is a savvy business woman who knows the struggles single mother's face getting into the work force.  She is very skilled at building consensus amongst diverse players for the good of all.  She is a team player and has great success in reaching out to CEO's as well as our targeted population which consists primarily of low income minority women/families. 

Fawn Dolan, Executive Director

Fawn is the founder and Executive Director of Bound for Success. It was her observation that resulted in

the creation of the dress shop to accommodate the residents of Sandoval County who have very few resources and transportation hardships.

She has worked extensively with other program directors to better meet the needs of those most vulnerable, without duplicating services. She works tirelessly to make positive changes and is dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in Sandoval County and in New Mexico. She is a visionary and a doer. Click here to find out more about: FAWN DOLAN, MA

Peggy Koontz, Part Time Sales Person

Peggy has retail experience, was an insurance agent and is a dedicated employee. She creates the displays, handles the majority of the referrals and makes customers and clients feel special, welcome and respected. She knows the program well, its goals and its purpose and is a great public relations person. She does the job of three people.

Autumn Maulden, Secretary Treasurer

Autumn has been volunteering at Nearly New since we opened our doors.  She sorts, donates, prices clothing; assists clients, customers and donors and participates in community awareness activities.

She is computer literate and inputs the data we obtain from referrals insuring that we are meeting our goals by providing clothing to those most vulnerable.  She is an asset to the program and to our agency.

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