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Our Volunteers


Our volunteers are diverse people with incredible strengths, talents and personal stories.

They are entrepreneurs, professionals, students and seniors. They are the heart of our program.
We depend upon the generosity of individuals who donate their time to sort and hang clothing, to price and display the items, to do general cleaning, maintenance and yard work. Our volunteers also work closely with the women and families we serve by providing them with caring, compassionate personal assistance. They listen to their needs and refer them to other agencies as needed.

We depend upon our volunteers to interact with customers, clients, agencies and the community at large to explain and promote our program and to increase our visibility. Without volunteers, we could not accomplish our goals.

To volunteer your services, please call 771-8228 or e-mail us:

Our board, staff and volunteers are women from diverse ethnic backgrounds with a variety of life experiences.  We represent the women and families we serve.  

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